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THE BEST SCHOOL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: Innovation has been a great blessing to the education industry and has given birth to a game-changer that will definitely revolutionize how we manage our schools and educational institutions. School Management Systems, also known as School ERP Software is capable of automating the management processes in schools and day-to-day operations. 

With so many different alternatives available for you to choose from, how should you decide what is the best management system for you? What works best for you and can be customized according to your needs? The answer is the best school management system for you, Educase India.

About Educase India:

Educase is a startup in the Education Industry of India. It is a unique system that offers features like School Management systems and Online learning systems, for schools as well as pre-schools. Eduschool which is a product of Educase India is a School Management System, designed to manage and ease the administrative hassles of daily school operations and can be a revolutionary addition to any school administration.

What are the features that make Educase India the best?

Here are some features that make Educase India unique and the best School Management System for you: 

  1.  Live class feature with zoom and google meet integrated:

Educase provides you the perfect platform for managing your classes, online. Take interactive and engaging classes in real-time with our live class feature that integrates the two most widely used platforms, Google Meet, and zoom for your convenience. This helps you take perfect online classes and have one-to-one interventions with your students so that you can find the perfect way to enhance your virtual classroom!

Note: Want to grow your school/preschool through School Management Software

  1. Automated attendance records:

The most tiresome activity that one can think of when it comes to schools is probably marking and keeping a record of students’ attendance. Educase with its highly user-friendly interface will solve this problem for you! With our school management system, it is very easy and quick to take and mark student attendance, the daily records of which are stored in our cloud storage safely, for future use. So you can bid goodbye to hours of filling the attendance registers and keeping a track of students’ attendance.

  1. Digital assignments:

We are committed to providing you the best experience and therefore, no area of daily school operations is left untouched by us. Now you can give assignments and worksheets to your students online without going through the hassle of keeping track of every individual submission and can easily mark and review the student’s work on the online medium itself. This digitalization of assignments will be a big time-saver for the teachers and decrease their managerial burden as well.

  1. A personalised app and website:

With Educase India we also provide a personalized application for your school that can be customized according to your needs for use by teachers and parents, it provides the perfect platform for engaging and meaningful interaction and use by students and guardians and to keep them updated with all the important news. Besides this, we also develop a dynamic, one-pager website for your school to provide you exposure online and it is also integrated with marketing modules to help your school develop a personal brand in the online world.

  1. Digital marketing:

When you entrust the management of your school to Educase India, you can ensure yourself of the best output. The personalized app which is developed acts as a digital marketing tool for your school and helps create a brand. The TECH BRIDGE is an app that works as a frontend portfolio for your school.

6. Lead generation and Social Media marketing:

Now you can generate 100% genuine leads for your school by simply promoting your app which automatically generates leads for you, this platform is a full package that ensures lead generation so that you don’t have to go anywhere else! 

7. Online Fees management:

School finances? Leave them to us, Our School Management software provides a navigable and easy way of collecting and receiving fees online with no hassles of long queues or bank cheques. It provides timely reminders and a very easy platform to submit online fees and also generate digital receipts for the same. So with Educase India, you can cross all finance management worries off your list!

With these features and much more Educase India undoubtedly provides the best school management system that can be the perfect tool for you to enter into the world of online education without any burdens and pressures. Our already growing user-base bears witness to the unmatched experience that Educase India provides, so connect with us today and step into a bright future for your school. 

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