How Educase India Teacher apps have benefited teachers during Covid-19?


Educase India teacher apps have benefited teachers during Covid-19: The Covid-19 pandemic that took over the world in the first half of 2020, turned entire nations upside-down with a standstill on all activities from industrial production to business houses and education industry was no exception. As nationwide lockdowns were imposed in many different nations of the world, India was no exception. 

The closure of schools and coaching institutions suddenly posed a great challenge to teachers and threatened the studies of millions of students all across the country, as online schools were made into an option it became essential for teachers to use a reliable and dynamic platform to manage their duties as an educator, online. Educase India which provides a dynamic school management system and a personalized application, greatly aided teachers during the time of this crisis to continue their teaching in an efficient and hassle-free manner.

Here are some of the ways in which Educase India apps made the online teaching process a cakewalk for teachers during the time of a global pandemic!

Real time interactions with Live Class feature

Educase India provides the best platform to conduct online classes, right from the comfort of home! And this is exactly how we provided the one-stop solution for all teachers who connected with us as opposed to other institutions which spent months trying out and adjusting to different platforms. A live class platform with zoom and google meet, the most popular and the best apps for conducting real-time online sessions provided the teachers with an easy way to conduct online classes.

Assignments made easy!

While some teachers might have struggled with the assignment and submission of assignments with the lack of one-on-one physical interaction with students, Educase India provides you such an enriching experience with assignments and homework that you would never feel the need to go anywhere else!  With our app, you can assign homework and assignments to all students at once, without worrying about daily reminders, notifications, and collection! The students submit completed assignments on the app itself which are easily recorded and sorted for the teachers to correct and mark. Managing assignments couldn’t have been any easier!

Take tests and exams the proper way

While conducting tests and exams online could be considered a difficult and ineffective task, we at Educase India were committed to tackling this problem too, the app allows the teachers to upload their video lectures online for revision as well as to conduct easy online assessments and exams in real-time. The app also develops students’ performance reports according to statistical analysis and can be easily monitored by the teacher, the student, and their guardians! In fact, this method of assignment is considered to be even better and more objective than the traditional pen and paper assignments in a classroom setting!

Automated attendance records

Managing attendance in online classes can be quite a hassle if done manually. However, this was not a problem for the users of Educase India’s app for teachers. Automated attendance records were maintained according to student presence in classes and timely records were also maintained for the students and the teachers to see and maintain attendance. Even the teachers could keep a track of their own attendance by using this app! So the administrative burden of managing and maintaining attendance became a piece of cake with Educase India.

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Easy interactions with parents

Online classes do not mean the absence of parent-teacher interaction, at least not for Educase India. The application provided a very easy way to communicate with parents regarding their child’s performance via direct messaging as well as progress reports made digitally, using which the parents could easily compare the performance of their child relative to other children in the class. The school management system also facilitates the sending of messages and emails to all parents with the click of a button to keep them updated with all the latest events and information.

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures. While the shift from the traditional classroom to online teaching was quite a task for many teachers, Educase India was committed to offering the best services to make this experience hassle-free and manageable for all its users, with the help of the Tech Bridge application that provided a very easily navigable and user-friendly interface.

We live in a world where there is no promise of what happens tomorrow, and the pandemic has been a hard hit on the education industry but, platforms like Educase India provide us with relief and assurance that whatever happens, we will not compromise on our education. Step into the future of independent and seamless education and never stop learning and teaching with Educase India!

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