Top 3 Good Reasons to Use Online Exam Management System for Every School

Online Exam Management System

Education is broadly diverse today as compared to the 1950s, it is no longer limited to the four walls of a classroom. Unlike the traditional method of the physical classroom, the online teaching system includes many advanced features such as online attendance, online classes, fee management, etc. These days almost all the schools have started giving online education to children through the internet so that the children do not suffer the loss of studies.

What is an Online Examination?

Considering the current scenario, where frequent lockdowns and social distancing are the new normal, educational institutions have moved toward an automated path of digital classrooms and lectures. Similar methods are applied when it comes to conducting exams. An online exam is a great way of conducting tests and exams with help of the internet, it involves the internet, a virtual screen instead of an invigilator and the student has to type in their answers instead of a handwritten one. With online examination, students can do the exam online, in their own time, with their own device, regardless of where they live. You only need a browser and an internet connection. With Covid-19 playing havoc with exam schedules, online examinations are slowly becoming mainstream. Today many organizations are conducting online examinations worldwide successfully and issue results online.

Characteristics of an online examination system

Online exam software can be a great choice to get the particulars streamlined. Many educational institutions are conducting exams online using an online education system, but before that, your institution should understand the parameters of exams. What kind of exam are you taking? What type of questions you would ask? What will be the grading system? there are so many questions that can be answered before conducting the online test.

Offline exams which are conducted in the classroom under the supervision of an invigilator are somewhat different than the online exams in which the candidates appear for the exams from their homes with the help of electronic devices.

Let’s look at the advantages of online exam


One of the biggest advantages of online examinations is the impact it has on the environment. Pen-and-paper examinations require a lot of paper to print question and answer sheets. There is also a lot of waste due to printing errors or over-estimation of learner numbers, not to mention the carbon footprint of the logistics around getting the papers to and from examination locations. It’s simple, online examinations are the most environmentally friendly assessment option.


Online examinations also save you money in so many ways as there is no paperwork involved, there are no invigilators, also no need for the arrangement of exam centers. When compared with traditional exam scenarios the cost for an online examination will be almost zero after the online exam system is established and if maintenance cost is not considered. The candidates and the supervising faculty do not need to travel to the exam center which again helps in saving their expenditure. Thus, online exams are cost-effective in many ways.


The online examination platforms provided a variety of security features for supervising the candidates during online exams. These features are developed using the best security protocols and advanced algorithms. These features are designed in a way to stop the students from cheating or carrying out any sort of malpractice in any way possible. An added security benefit is that examiners can make use of question banks that select questions at random

Note: Get your own school management software for your school.

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