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TOP RATED FEATURES OF EDUCASE INDIA: How can you find the ideal Online school management software? What are the features that you should look out for as you navigate through the ocean of School ERP programs that are available in the market today? Educase India is the right destination for your dream of an efficient and ideal school management system.

How is Educase India worth every ounce of your investment? 

Educase India is a digital startup which provides services like School ERP Softwares, Pre-school management software, personalized application, websites, social media, and digital campaigns. In other words, it is the best way to digitize your school operations with the best outcomes! It provides a user-friendly interface that is easy to manage by both the school faculty and the students and their guardians.

Educase India is one of the leading players in the Online Management Systems industry for the Education system and is committed to providing an enriching and unforgettable experience to all its users.

Here are some of the most beloved and top-rated features of Educase India that make the best School Management Software :

Google Meet and Zoom integrated:

Educase India is not the best Learning management system for no reason. It offers a free live class feature that comes with integrated modules of Zoom and Google meet, the most widely used apps for taking online classes. Except it’s even better because it comes with an automated attendance marking feature. It saves a lot of time of the teachers by automatically marking and maintaining attendance records. Moreover, live classes are always the best as they allow for interactive and responsive communication between the teachers and the students.

Digital Homework:

Giving home assignments and worksheets to students is one of the most tiresome jobs of a teacher. But not with Educase India! It makes giving and collecting homework a piece of cake. The teacher can assign individual as well collective tasks to their students, who will be notified of all details, from marks to deadlines. The students can submit back the completed assignments, digitally on the app itself, which can be later corrected and marked by the teacher. Educase India thus provides the best School ERP System services that can all be accessed on a single platform or application.

Online assessments:

Educase India offers an Online Learning system with a large number of options for teachers at their convenience. Besides the well-loved live class feature, we also provide features for uploading videos for lectures and concepts on the application that can be accessed by all students. The LMS also provides the provision for online assessments and exams which can help you track the progress of your students. This can also be used by parents and students to review their performance and position as compared to other classmates.

The best Pre-School online management system:

Educase India undoubtedly offers the best services for the management of your pre-school franchise. With features like attendance, bus tracking, Integrated CCTV tracking, and even daycare monitoring facility, it provides top-tier features that help you manage your pre-school operations in the best way possible. It is the most convenient way to maintain records for both faculty and parents as we provide a personalized application with a user-friendly database that contains all features in a single place and is also very efficient in building a personal brand for your pre-school franchise.

Brand building and Lead Generation:

This is the feature that makes Educase India the best and the most unique among all available Online School management systems in the market. It offers features like helping your school build a distinct brand for itself and the best exposure through the development of a customized and dynamic one-pager website for your school. Besides this we also stimulate brand advocacy on Social media through setting up social media profiles on popular platforms, Keywords optimization to attract larger online traffic, and even paid to advertise.

Note: Want to grow your school/preschool through School Management Software

We also create value and visibility for your brand through videos and animations that present engaging and attractive ways to increase consumer interest in your school and your ideas. All these services are provided by Educase India in addition to the most robust and efficient features for classroom management. So you don’t need to worry about your social media presence once you entrust your online school management to us.

With such features and much more, Educase India is committed to giving you the most enriching experience when it comes to Online Learning Management systems. In a rapidly growing digitalized world, Educase India provides you the best portal to transform your school and pre-school franchise into a remarkable digital presence.

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