No digital presence can even get your school's affiliation to suspension.

Due to the arbitrariness of the schools and ignoring the rules, the District School Inspector of Lucknow has taken major action.

About 3 dozen schools in Lucknow were neither uploading the resource mapping information on the portal nor providing the details of the school website, web page and e-mail ID of the students.

On Tuesday, DIOS Lucknow wrote a letter to the Secretary Board of Secondary Education to cancel the recognition of all these 38 schools.

Lucknow's District School Inspector Dr. Amar Kant Singh told that the Board of Secondary Education had sought information from all the schools.

By May 6, the schools were to be uploaded on the website of the council. But even after extending the date several times, the schools did not provide the information.

Due to this, a recommendation has been made to cancel the recognition of 38 Inter Colleges on Tuesday.

If more than one daughter in a family living below the prescribed income limit is studying in any school, college or institution, then the tuition fee of the other daughter will be waived off by the concerned institution. Otherwise it will be reimbursed by the State Government.

In this regard, information was sought from the schools on behalf of District School Inspector Dr. Amarkant Singh regarding such daughters.

But the serious thing is that the information was not provided by any school.