Has 2021 made teachers highly productive?


HAS 2021 MADE TEACHERS HIGHLY PRODUCTIVE: The unprecedented pandemic has changed and affected the way the world works for everyone. The education industry was no exception to this. With nationwide closures of schools and coachings, all schools had to resort to online learning, and its biggest stakeholders the teachers had to play the main part. Moving to online learning was not an easy task for them but eventually, they learned to teach, innovate and evaluate within the limits of their virtual classrooms. The end result? Teachers actually became more productive and efficient than before when they were compelled to use the online learning tools that they already should have.

How has this pandemic situation fared out for teachers, let us take a look after a whole year? How have teachers been productive in 2021?

Better Management with online tools

When teachers used online tools and platforms like school ERP software to manage their tasks and maintain records, from attendance to test scores and assignment submissions, things became much easier for them. These automated and well-sorted data records were more convenient to manage and refer to and made teachers less burdened and much more able to focus on other important tasks like lesson planning and teaching concepts.

Teach and learn, “from a distance”

Social distancing was at the forefront of our worries during this pandemic. Teachers got to make good use of the remote learning facilities available online to reach more students in remote areas. Because online classes were easier to attend, a lot of students connected with teachers and tutors online. This added to the motivation of teachers and also helped them spread their coaching or brand far and wide through such opportunities.

A student-teacher relationship, better than ever

Online teaching worked wonders for teacher-student relationships! When it became easier to stay connected and contact each other from both sides, communication became more effective and frequent than ever. This helped teachers understand their students better and constantly monitor and motivate them to do better. This definitely increased the productivity on the teacher’s end and they could engage more easily in personalized and student-oriented teaching methods.

A creative perspective

Online learning opportunities allowed teachers to bring forth their creativity and vigor into their classes. Teachers who were never known for teaching outside of the book suddenly started using digitally available facilities like presentations and videos to help their students understand better. With a digital space constantly growing and evolving, teachers adjusted to it with newfound ease and even found better ways to make the online management systems work their best during the time of a global pandemic.  2021 is the year when all the teachers are finding back their lost creative streak.

The best way to manage assignments and tests

Managing assignments and maintaining records of tests and exams was quite a big task for all teachers and took up a lot of time. But with things like online platforms with easy documentation and sorting of records. One-click of a button allowed them to send out assignments and reminders to the whole class at once. Tests and exams could be easily designed and uploaded for the students to do in real-time in all formats. Such interventions were a great help to the teachers in the face of the pandemic and greatly added to their productivity as well.

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Engagement with social media

A very important part of online teaching includes social media marketing and engagement. This year allowed teachers to build their brand on social media platforms, which will expand their careers beyond the schools or institutions they are affiliated with. Since a large part of the youth population uses social media platforms, there was a better chance of connecting with the potential audiences as well. 

The pandemic situation although adding to a lot of worries all around the world provided an opportunity for the education system to prosper and adjust itself in the face of adversity, it was a step towards the future where education could be an accessible commodity for everyone. Teachers rapidly moved over to the online mode of teaching and came out being much more productive and efficient than before, school management systems were at the forefront and provided an early glimpse into how the education sector would evolve in the coming years.

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