How Online Exam Management System Can Increase Your School Profile?

School Management System

Covid has introduced a culture of online learning and assessments. Schools all over the world have shifted from real to virtual worlds for their business. 

It has thus become important to have an adequate framework for establishing hussle-free online classes and assessments. 

Taking classes online is undoubtedly the first step towards digitizing education and working in your school. However, the real change happens when you do not just teach online but also assess online because the cycle of learning starts at teaching and ends at assessment.

What is an Online Examination System?

Examinations were canceled or postponed due to the lockdown. As a result, the schools have shifted to online examination systems for conducting student assessments. The online examination software is a system through which schools or colleges can conduct exams for multiple students at the same time. The main purpose of online examinations is to test the subject knowledge of the students. In online-based educational systems, the school administration can set up the questions and answers according to their question bank in the system and define the basic criteria of the exams. Thereafter the student appears in the exams and answers the questions in the predefined time frame. Once the time is completed the test screen collapses. After that instant evaluations of the exam are done. Additionally, once the test is completed the students can review the complete test with real-time results. The schools can conduct the objectives(MCQ-based questions) or subjective types of exams. In objective exams, instant evaluations of questions are done whereas in subjective types the teachers need to check the online exam and evaluate it. Lastly, the management can have various real-time reports of the conducted online test.

Benefits of Online Exam Management System

Online examination systems are an economic way to manage the student’s assessment in the current situation where the economy is in a recession state globally. It benefits the institutes with no issues of misplacing manual papers, no possibility of calculation mistakes, and more importantly, the data is secured and stored on the cloud.

  • Easy Scheduling

    With automation taking over our lives, scheduling exams through an online management system is at our rescue when we have got a lot on our to-do list. By managing schedules for assessments through an online system, your hassle is reduced as a parent to a great extent.
  • Saves a lot of time

    Automated functions of an online management system are sure to save a parent and teacher from time-consuming manual exam management systems.
  • Environment friendly

    Manual systems involve a lot of paperwork and repetitions also. Online systems have the advantage of no paper transactions and thus are sustainable in the long run with no piles of files keeping records.
  • Security

    Security has always been a challenge with exams. With online exams, there are fewer chances of leaks since there are no physical papers that can go missing during the printing and logistics process. An added security benefit is that examiners can make use of question banks that select questions at random. This means that almost no two exams are the same, further minimizing the chances of cheating.

There are pros and cons to every type of examination system, and each educational institution should evaluate the different systems to see which will better meet their specific needs. While it’s easy for institutions to stick with traditional pen-and-paper exams, global events have forced the education industry to rethink how they operate. Online examinations have many advantages, and as technology keeps improving, these advantages continue to grow and soon online examinations will become the standard for course evaluation.

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