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INSTAGRAM FOR SCHOOLS: Instagram is one of the most widely used social media applications in India with about 21 Crore users recorded for the year 2021, especially for the youths of the country, surveys suggest that about 98% of those participants aged from 12-20 years of age have it installed in their phones, as per a  report by Youth Online Learning Organization (YOLO). These numbers point to the fact that how important a part Instagram has occupied in the lives of their young users, and it is for the same reason that it has to be the best Digital Marketplace to build a unique and personal brand for your school and attract online traffic.


Instagram allows you to easily share pictures and videos through various formats and you can create eye-catching content that can have a very wide reach and mass appeal. With these features, Instagram is definitely the go-to social media application for Social Media Marketing and brand-building, and creating an Instagram handle for your school is positively the best decision for managing your Social Media Reputation.

If you are looking to start your Social Media marketing journey through Instagram as your platform, here are a few tips on how to get started and make the most out of Instagram!

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Build a team to manage your school’s Instagram handle:

The first and foremost step that you need to do before you start is to build a team of people who will manage and make content for your Instagram page. The team of people should understand your mission, are willing to contribute and produce consistent content. This is very important because your handle needs to be highly active and post regularly to attract an audience and this will be managed well only if there is a team of people committed to this purpose.

Create a unique hashtag for your school:

Instagram comes with the hashtag feature where you can add tags with your pictures and stories and they will help the users find your content when looking for similar or related content on the application or website. But remember, this hashtag needs to simple, unique, and memorable as it is going to serve as your brand identity on Instagram. So make sure your hashtag is carefully thought out and created.

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Schedule your Instagram posts:

While Instagram mainly goes by the whole ‘spontaneous posting, bursts of ideas, from a commercial perspective, it is better if you schedule and plan your Instagram posts and content before you post them. For example, you can keep posting and sharing positive content even on weekends and after school hours end. This kind of analysis will help you find a time frame when there is low Real-time posting on the app and hence, increase your chances of reaching a wider audience.

Go for Paid Promotions:

Instagram is also equipped with features that help you promote your content and your handle across the website for commercial purposes. First, you need to list your handle under the business account category to make use of the Social Media Marketing features. One such feature is paid promotions, which help you to feature advertisements regarding your school on the website, which will be visible and accessible to all the users. Moreover, Instagram itself makes sure that your content is promoted and your brand visibility increased if you opt for paid promotions. That’s why you definitely need to invest some amount into Instagram advertisements to make the best out of your social media presence.

Re-gram and Engage:

Instagram is not just about posting creative content and marketing. The main benefit of this application is the online community it connects you to, and you need to make sure that you become an active part of it. “Re-gramming”, is an important strategic tool here, it basically involves re-posting and sharing the content already posted by others in the community. This not only helps your school get associated with cool and engaging content but also increases your participation, if you promote others from time to time, give their pages shoutouts and follow-backs, they will do the same for you. So get-set-go and prepare to engage with the Instagram community.

These were some points that will help your school’s Instagram handle to get the best head start, besides this, you need to keep moving with time and always be up-to-date with the latest trends to create a place for yourself on this well-loved pink-colored application!

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