Significance of Online school management system


Why should schools remain behind in this era of digitalization? When all organizations from local to national, are using technological aids to enhance their working, what are schools waiting for? The answer to this is Online School Management System(OSMS).

What is Online School Management System?

It is a tool, also known as School ERP ( Enterprise resource planning) management system, it basically helps in managing the core activities of any institution or organization, which in the case of schools, will be activities like attendance, fee payment, maintenance of timetables and records and so much more.  The use of OSMS results in the total automation of these activities which take place in a school, which results in highly efficient functioning.

How does it work?

This system works on the basis of a software management system, which comes with specially developed modules to manage all school and education-related activities. However, it is not only constricted to use by the educational staff and the administration. Most software also has a feature to develop individual school management applications to cater to the needs of different institutions and their pupils. 

Today, there are a large number of software that aim at digitization of school operations and are widely replacing the manually run framework of educational institutions.

Here are some of the prime reasons why OSMS is the need of the hour in all educational settings-

Online attendance management:

Attendance is one of the basic components of every educational institution. It is important to maintain and monitor the attendance records of students to evaluate their performance. With school ERP software, attendance management can be made much easier. Teachers can digitally mark the attendance of each student, the record of which gets sorted and stored in the cloud storage. This not only makes marking attendance easy but also storing it for future references, plus there is no chance of losing or misplacing it like attendance registers!

Online homework and assignment scheduling:

Homework management and scheduling have been made easier than ever with the use of OSMS. With this teachers can update their schedule, assign worksheets and questions to students, along with the respective deadlines, all in a few clicks and in one place. So, with the automated assignment of homework and collection of completed work managed by the ERP software, the teacher’s tasks become a lot easier and they can focus more on other aspects and save time.

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Online examination and test management:

With the surge in the Covid-19 pandemic, schools all around the world were looking for ways to digitally prepare and manage examinations. Exams are an inevitable part of every curriculum and therefore, they cannot be compromised. Now ERP software comes with easy and convenient methods for preparing as well as administering examinations to all students. From question banks to various formats of tests and exams, and monitoring mechanisms, these OSMS programs manage everything. Therefore, these ERP programs make sure that examinations and assessments are not compromised under any circumstances!


Online Fee payment:

Long gone are the days when an announcement of fee payment was followed by queues of parents and students, trying to submit the fees on time and collect handwritten receipts. With ERP programs making even fee payments is an automated process. This task gets simplified. From timely notifications to easy online payment and digital receipts, managing fee payment has been made into a very easy and quick process with Online School Management Systems.

Online report of students:

With school management systems maintaining everything from attendance records to test scores online, generating online report cards of students is also possible. A system that automatically integrates the yearly attendance and score records into the report card leaves little room for error as well. This automated management system ensures a thorough and accurate report generation for each student with features like comments and feedbacks from teachers also available. This replaces the tiresome process of maintaining and manually filling report cards by teachers which is a very time taking activity and is prone to errors as well.

Personal App development:

Most ERP programs also provide a personalized application for the school which can be customized as per the requirements of the administration. This results in the development of a user-friendly system that can be easily used by students and parents alike to maintain all records and look at all the activities with full transparency. This not only makes things easier for students and teachers but makes all information accessible, ensuring transparency. This contributes to the image of the school.

With Online management systems making the functioning of schools so convenient and easy, it is a technological boon that should be taken advantage of. With a user-friendly interface and a robust system. School ERP software is definitely the leading player in the future of school management and education. 

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