What Is School ERP Software? Why is it important for schools

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WHAT IS SCHOOL ERP SOFTWARE? WHY IS IT IMPORTANT FOR SCHOOLS: In this era of digitalization, managing school operations has become easier than ever, from the day starting with attendance to schedules and timetables and exams, Online Learning Management systems (LMS) have made these tasks which are highly time-taking and prone to errors, “A piece of cake!” So let’s take a look into the future of the world of education- School ERP Systems

With ERP systems in place, managing the mammoth as well as trivial tasks is not time taking anymore and is largely error-free. Where once the school departments had to rely on files, circulars, and manual interventions, these tasks can now be managed with a single click of a button on a centralized School ERP system.

What is a School ERP Software?

Also known as School Enterprise Resource Planning software, a school ERP software helps manage the day-to-day activities and tasks including administrative, teaching, curriculum management, student attendance, fee record management, and all other similar tasks. 

The way it works is that ERPs feature multiple “applications” or “tools” that work together seamlessly to connect departments and bring data from various departments together into one centralized and easily accessible database. This way you can always have large amounts of information, easily accessible at your fingertips. 

So why should you implement School ERP Software to manage your school operations? Here are some points summarising the versatility and usefulness of this technological boon-

  1. Enhance communication and collaboration:

Since school ERP systems provide highly interactive platforms for teachers, students, and guardians, it is no wonder that the communication is greatly improved as everything is transparent and centralized, it streamlines the long lines of contact between parents, students, and teachers and all of them efficiently reach out to each other. The school administration can easily send SMS messages, newsletters, and other things to all parties involved quickly so it allows for effective and smooth communication.

  1. Tracking and Managing school records made easy:

One can only imagine how difficult it must become to maintain and manage the records of all school-related data on a daily basis. Working with data from all departments from academic records to the HR department, fees records can be overwhelming and prone to errors. But with School ERP Systems in place, all the data is stored in the centralized cloud database and it is much easier to track and locate it as and when needed. These interfaces also allow sorting and categorizing of data which further makes it more efficient to access them for future uses as well.

  1. Transition to paperless administration:

Online School Management systems allow an easy transition to paperless administration as users are easily able to move their tasks, information and communication, and other processes online.

This not only contributes to sustainability but minimizes the chances of errors like misplacing important files and other mistakes that hinder smooth administration. Since all records are stored on the online cloud storage it makes them accessible from any place at any time.

  1. Decreased burden and increased productivity:

Since School ERP Software makes the task of managing the day-to-day activities of the school so easy and convenient, a lot of burdens are taken off the shoulders of the staff members, including teachers, who earlier spent a great deal of time managing such undertaking.

As a natural result, it leads to increased productivity and better performance on their end. For example, a teacher now doesn’t have to worry about things such as attendance and assignment records and thus can give more time to making their lessons more fruitful and interactive.

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  1. Enhanced Student performance:

With School ERP interventions making access to study materials and communication with tutors and instructors much easier for the students, they are empowered to perform better academically as well.

Most school management systems come with integrated Learning Management Systems (LMS) which allow teachers to easily share and plan study material, lectures, and worksheets conveniently. It makes learning a highly convenient and personalized process for the students as they can use various tools to understand concepts and lessons. Moreover, these platforms also provide detailed analysis of students’ performance that makes monitoring their performance and providing feedbacks feasible.

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  1. Strengthens School’s Digital and premise security:

School records contain highly sensitive information from question papers to personal and financial information of students. These records are far more properly guarded as digital records than they were as physical copies. Confidential files can be limited to be accessed and used by only some authorized personnel of the administration and the in-built security mechanisms of this software will ensure the security of these valuable records from unauthorized access and cyber threats

Even the school premises can be better secured through these ERP Systems with photo biometric identification, visitor check-in/out and monitoring, and automated photo ID verification will dramatically increase the security of the School Premises.

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